Audio cable

The audio cable can be used to listen to your favourite music or programmes on a radio, CD/MP3 player, PC, etc. So you don’t need several loops for different equipment!
Suits all audio equipment with ordinary headset outlet. 920-001


Scart/Phono (RCA) cable

The SCART cable is 1.5 metres long and can be used in conjunction with CIBS or BASIC. It is plugged directly into a TV and supplies TV sound directly to a hearing aid. This avoids taking the TV sound from other viewers, as often happens when the headset outlet is used. The SCART cable can also be connected to a speaker system and for use with a Phono socket outlet. 926-001


Cable for alerting system

To connect the alerting system to the Audiostreamer 935-001 (3 metre) 935-002 (5 metre) 935-003 (10 metre)


Cable for Sennheiser headset

For Tango and Tango I 934-001


Cable for GN Netcom headset

For Tango and Tango I 928-001