Wired microphones



Directional microphone

All-round microphone with effective noise reduction

We have finally developed an adjustable noise-reduction microphone which meets all our sound quality demands. This microphone reduces lateral and background sound (12dB) effectively, while still able to capture the desired sounds from a wide enough angle. Together with Classic or Maestro, it can be directed towards the person you are listening to. All this makes it a highquality voice amplifier. Our standard design solution comes with a small desk-top stand and an extension, so that you can place it in front of the person speaking.

  • Effective noise reduction
  • No batteries and easy to use
  • Convenient for all COMMidt´s neck loops

Art.no 914-002


Directional counter microphone

Desk-top microphone with active noise reduction

This model has an adjustable stand and has been designed for desk tops and counters to the Tango amplifier. The microphone is very good at reducing noise, thanks to it´s large diaphragm capsules, which trap any background noise behind the microphone membrane. The front of the microphone casing has a large number of holes which admit the desired sound. Therefore, this feature reduces bass to some degree and increases voice recognition.

Art.no 905-002


Clip-on microphone

A clip-on microphone gives better sound quality and lower background noise connected with your own voice, since the microphone is located closer to your mouth. It is particularly suitable for use with Blues or Classic in a car, or if one often needs to use the telephone out of doors. Using a clip-on microphone also makes it possible to use Blues, Classic or Soul under clothing. Needs no battery.

Art.no 901-001 (40cm cable)
Art.no 902-001 (150cm cable)


Omni microphone (velcro)

By means of Velcro, the microphone is mounted in front of or near a car loudspeaker or other sound source. This provides high quality sound in both ears and reduces background noise. Supplied with Adapter 2.5mm – 3.5mm jack. Needs no battery.

Art.no 913-001


Omni table microphone

The table microphone is supplied with a 1.5m cable and is suitable for use in the office, in meetings, at restaurants, in the home, etc. A replaceable battery is included with a lifetime of approximately one year. Supplied with Adapter 2.5mm – 3.5mm jack

Art.no 915-001